No one enters into a relationship expecting it to end badly, but sadly, that is what often happens. Sometimes it’s because when you first meet someone, you might choose to overlook some of the differences between you. Sometimes, people just change, or they stop hiding their true self after a while and the love just isn’t enough to paper over the cracks in the relationship anymore.

Why so many relationships don’t work out:

People just fall out of love

Quite often, people say that they broke up simply because they no longer felt that they loved each other anymore. This can be a really tough one to deal with because there is no hatred, no one has really done anything wrong and there is no one reason for it to happen, it just happens. It is, however, the top reason that has been given in many surveys conducted on why breakups happen.


Money also regularly appears near the top of the most surveys on this subject. Money, though, is often a symptom of other underlying issues, such as lack of trust or lack of communication. the main money reasons given for breakups are, one partner controlling all the spending or a partner wasting money. The only way to avoid money becoming an issue within a relationship is to talk about it, agree what you will spend money on and be honest when money issues arise.


as you would expect, cheating is always high on the list of reasons for breakups too, but surprisingly it is rarely the top reason. Although it is a topic that many people discuss, statistically, it is quite rare and there is only about a 6% chance of it happening to you. For most people, though, there can be no forgiving cheating and, once it has happened, the relationship is over.

Lack of trust

It’s not just cheating that breaks that all important trust, any form of lying or deceit can bring about the end of a relationship. Approximately one third of people say that a lack of trust was to be blamed for the end of their relationship. Even a small lie, can make it impossible for many people to continue on in a relationship.

Bad habits

While you may be able to overlook his obsession with what he can dig out of his nose in the early stages of a relationship, his bad habits will wear you down eventually! Once the honeymoon period is over and both partners begin to relax a bit more, that is when these habits can come out and when they can become annoying. Bad habits are up there on most of the top ten lists of reasons for breakups.

Different aspirations

This can cover a whole range of different things, but when two people’s goals and ambitions in life don’t coincide, then that can lead to irreconcilable friction in a relationship. This could be that he has no ambitions to further his career, but she is a career minded woman, or, of course, that one person wants to have children and the other does not. There are some things that just can’t be compromised on and that will, and should, lead to a breakup, or one person will be very unhappy.

Social isolation

This is just a more sophisticated way of saying, don’t be too clingy! Under this category of reasons for breaking up you can include;

Not getting on with each other’s family, not liking each other’s friends, and not having any life at all outside of the relationship.

Complacency and boredom

This reason for breakups is probably closely linked to falling out of love. It is when one or both in a relationship take each other for granted and the relationship just cease to be fun. When this is the reason for a relationship breakup, it really is a shame, because it is something that could have been fixed, with just a little bit more effort.

Inequality in the relationship

One partner making all the decision without consulting the other is also a common reason for couples breaking up. A relationship should be an equal partnership between two and there should be no single person ‘in charge’. The very worst case of inequality would be where one partner has a controlling personality and that could be called abuse, which should never be tolerated in any form.

What happens in the bedroom?

Issues with physical intimacy account for an estimated fifteen percent of breakups. That could include lack of it, too much or just too weird! Although what constitutes a healthy intimate life varies considerably from one couple to the next, compatibility in the bedroom is a vital ingredient of a successful relationship.

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