We had an idea that couples therapy was only for couples with big problems.. So when one of us had started with individual therapy and wanted to take her partner in after recommendation from the psychologist, we were initially very skeptical. We were crazy in love, and had only been together a few months. We thought we probably would not need “something like therapy”.
The first hour we were on seemed to start very exciting but also a little scary doing it together. However, we were open and curious about what we would get out of it early and found what we wanted to talk about.
With the help of the psychologist, it was easy and safe to carry the conversation further. We got help to open ourselves to each other and share the… Read the whole feedback here

I find that the psychologist gives of herself, even as a private person. The psychologist has told a little about herself in all this with me, and I appreciate that. I find that it makes our “relationship” more personal, which makes me feel more comfortable and makes it easier to talk.

« When you have adversity in life and think destructively about yourself, your self esteem gets crushed! It was incredibly supportive to have someone to go to who cared to see me for who I am and helped to guide me toward what I had to work on, to become whole again. I got a sense of empowerment, I got my belief back, while I got anchor and confidence back. Really good to be seen as the person I am, and at the same time to be challenged, where and when necessary. A true compass and support in life, when things came to a halt. Thanks Krisztina, for all your support, motivation, and all the challenges you gave me.

Krisztina Lurås has broad psychotherapeutic experience, and has particular expertise in the complex understanding and treatment of trauma and traumatic experiences of everyday life. She has extensive experience with this type of work from South Africa. She has special ability to genuinely and compassionately put herself in the ‘shoes of other peoples suffering and pain’. I can warmly recommend her!

Already after the first visit, I felt that Krisztina understood what I meant and helped me see behind my thoughts and feelings which gave me, and still gives me ‘aha- moments’ and something to ponder upon. Thank you!