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Remember who you are? One of our greatest fears is not to be accepted by others for who we are. Even greater is the fear to accept ourselves for ‘all that, that we truly are, both our worst and best parts equally’. How much truth can (or should) we carry on our shoulders about ourselves?

Only if you are selfish enough to care how you feel, you can bear the fear of self-acceptance and the risk of self-judgment. Selfish enough to be loyal to your emotions. Selfish enough to not surrender to the ‘stranger behind the wall’. Selfish enough to surrender to yourself. Selfish enough to not be loyal to your masks, façades, appearances, personas, truths. Rather be self-full than self-less, it serves you well.

What if you possess every trait that you see in others, both ‘good and bad’? And not only that, what if exactly these bad or negative characteristics comes bearing gifts to you? Only when your heart opens up to yourself and others, and you practice yourself into being grateful for being just like you are, you can find the gifts of every trait, both in others and ultimately in YOU!

Your pain comes from the very meanings you make and assign to their every word, gesture or glance. At the end, is it fair to expect to be accepted by others, when we are no able to accept ourselves? Only when you make peace with the “best” and “worst” of you, can you make peace with others and vice versa.
“Shake yourself free from the manikin you create out of a false interpretation of what you do and what you feel, and you’ll at once see that the manikin you make yourself is nothing at all like what you really are or what you really can be!” L. Pirandello, Each in His Own Way.
“Woe to him who doesn’t know how to wear his mask, be he king or pope!” L. Pirandello, Henry IV.