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How To Use Private Insurance To Pay For Therapy • Canwillbebetter™

HOW TO USE PRIVATE INSURANCE TO PAY FOR THERAPY Looking to cover your sessions at Canwillbebetter™ using your insurance company? We will be happy to check your insurance. Share Your Insurance Information Here. We provide optional and complimentary claim handling support as part of our service commitment to you. We will check your benefits for you in advance of your appointment, so that you will know how much your insurance will cover for your visit, and then we will work to get the therapy fees collected from your insurance company. It is only asked that you kindly give us enough lead time- usually just 24-48 hours is required. In order for us to help you with your Insurance prosess, we need your necessary authorization to do so. Click here to share your insurance information and to find out what your benefits are! HOW TO CLAIM ON YOUR PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE…