It’s Not Always Black Or White – Book Published By Krisztina Lurås

It’s not always black or white All the staff warmly congratulates Lurås for the launch of her new book: It’s not always black or white Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013. The book addresses the complex theme of the psychology of reconciliation, starting from an empirical study carried out by Psykolog Lurås in South-Africa. The book is already  available through www.waterstones.com.  It’s not always black or white’ : An explorative study on the psychology of reconciliation, based on South African experiences SUMMARY The purpose of this empirical study is to explore the meaning(s) of reconciliation in the aftermath of the South-African Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s work. Based on informants’ accounts, the aim was to achieve an understanding of the ‘phenomenon’ of reconciliation in context, without excluding the possibility that these experiences also might contribute to our understanding of survivors’ experiences and understandings of the meaning of reconciliation, in similar situations but different…