How To Overcome The Anxiety Of Calling A Psychologist For The First Time?

CALLING A PSYCHOLOGIST FOR THE FIRST TIME? We know that even a phone call may be difficult for you at times. Just remember that the psychologist is there for you, not the other way round. Our psychologists and staff are used to people being nervous about making that call. We know how to sensitively handle your concerns. We are not going to make you feel silly about any questions you have. Whether it’s about our clinic or the psychologist treatment approach. We will be pleased and happy when you contact us. This is what we have chosen to do as our profession. To help and support! If you have a fear of talking on the phone, you’re not alone. If it feels too much, you’re very welcome to break the ice with an email or chat with us here at Canwillbebetter™ Want to learn more about Anxietyor Telephone phobia? Anxiety…