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How Much Does Therapy Cost in London? And Why Is It So Expensive? • Canwillbebetter™

HOW MUCH DOES THERAPY COST? AND WHY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE? Good question! We believe our fees fairly reflect the value of our service, no less our experience and training. Session fees are £110 – £150 per session for individual therapy, counselling. For couples therapy and for individuals funded by organisations we charge £140 – 190 per session. BECOMING A CHARTERED PSYCHOLOGIST AND REGISTERED CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST COSTS A TON OF MONEY How much does therapy cost? And why is it so expensive? It takes a lot of study and tons of money to become a Chartered Psychologist. The title of Chartered Psychologist is legally recognised and reflects only the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise in UK. All Chartered Psychologists have completed Society-recognised education and training of at least six years’ duration and have demonstrated knowledge, skills and autonomous practice to professional doctorate standard. Click here for more information…