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Client information: Rates represent payment for the psycholoist’s professional knowledge and experience. They also support between-session consultations and outside work done to support the therapeutic relationship and progress.

Rates are payable when making a online booking or on the day of consultation. We accept debet and credit cards or cash.

Individual therapy £110
Couple’s therapy £150
Medico-legal work £100
Health insurance psychologist £130 – £200

Charges to health insurance companies are higher due to the administrative tasks involved. The health insurance rates are indicative only.

Initial telephone consultation free of charge

Individual therapy £160
Couple’s therapy £200
Online therapy with Skype/ thera-LINK: 1 hour £100
TextTherapy™ – 30 days £150

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Please note: We have a policy to charge the full fee if the cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the time of the consultation.

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